Closed mouths don’t get fed on Hollywood Blvd. It looks like times have gotten a little tight for former reality TV stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. According to sources, Spencer and Heidi are back to living with his mom and scrambling to make ends meet.

They’re broke and living in a beach house in Santa Barbara owned by his folks, who let them live there rent-free. Few other family members speak to them.

Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery binge has marred her face and body. They are largely unemployable, both on camera and off, victims of their own success.

Three years after their show The Hills wrapped up the coupled spent most of their dough on their wardrobe and Heidi’s failed career as a recording artist…YUP…you read it right. All of that money down the drain.

“We were getting paid to be people we weren’t for so long that there’s no line,” Spencer Pratt says. “What we learned is, you can be too famous.

In the words of Ace Hood…they betta “Go n get it, go n get it, go n get it”…and get some JOBS


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