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Jared Fogel Poses With Participants of Jared's Jogges

Jared Fogle Poses With Participants of Jared’s Jogges

Jared Fogle, the disgraced former spokesperson for Subway has accepted a plea deal in Indianapolis which could possibly land him in jail for 5 to 12 and a half years in prison for child pornography and sex acts with minors. He has also been ordered to pay over $1 million to his victims.

Authorities released more information about the extent of Jared’s crimes during a press conference:

Throughout the course of the inquiry, investigators acquired 16 smart phones, five basic cell phones, six laptops, one desktop computer, 10 flash drives and memory cards, 46 CDs, and 22 DVDs. Altogether, they reviewed more 159,634 text messages, 47,623 images, and 3,3 394 videos pertaining to Fogle’s sexual activities with minors. Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said, “Words tend to escape me today as this came to fruition,” and issued a warning to perpetrators against children that authorities would eventually find out. “I cannot think of anything more repugnant than molesting a child,” he added.

Steve DeBronta of the U.S. Attorney’s Office said he was “fairly confident” that no other victims could be identified based on the recovered evidence, but that the specifics of the plea deal would allow him to alter the nature of the charges against Fogle if new details should emerge.

DeBronta added that the federal investigation did not involve Subway, and that there were not currently any charges or allegations that Subway employees were aware of his crimes.

Fogle’s attorney, Jeremy Margolis, released the following statement after the press conference:

Jared Fogle is agreeing to plead guilty to the charges filed against him today. In doing so, Jared is accepting responsibility for what he has done. He is also volunteering to make restitution to those affected by his deplorable behavior. While Jared fully recognizes that such monetary contribution will not undo the harm he has caused, he is hopeful it will assist these individuals as they try to move forward with their lives.

Jared also understands that he requires significant psychiatric medical treatment and counseling. He has already begun that process by being extensively examined by a world-renowned expert in sexual conditions in order to chart a course to recovery. It is Jared’s intent and goal to become healthy again.

Most importantly, Jared understands that he has hurt innocent people, vulnerable people, and his family. He has expressed remorse to me and to his loved ones, and will, when given the opportunity, express that remorse to this court and to the people he has harmed. His intent is to spend the rest of his life making amends.

In a brief statement that was released after the plea agreement was released, Jared Fogel’s wife explained that she is filing for divorce and requested privacy for her family:

Obviously, I am extremely shocked and disappointed by the recent developments involving Jared. I am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage. My focus is exclusively on the well-being of my children. Neither I nor my family will have any further comment on the matter. I appreciate respect for my family’s privacy during this difficult time.

I really do hope they throw the book at this sorry excuse for a human being!



Remember the TV show Punk’d that aired on MTV years ago. Well. the show has gotten revised and is back, but only this time it will air on BET with some of our favorite celebrities getting tricked up by a new cast of characters. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you will be watching…


Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman is in the news once again… The former neighborhood watchman has joined forces with another gun advocate in Florida to begin selling Confederate flag art. Zimmerman’s new buddy Andy Hallinan is a gun shop owner who has declared his establishment a “Muslim-Free Zone” after four American servicemen were killed Chattanooga, Tennessee, by a Kuwait-born Muslim.

These two plan to sell signed and numbered prints of Zimmerman’s garbage “art” and split the profit between themselves. This isn’t the first time that George has sold his artwork. A while back he sold a painting of the American flag for $100,000

This is just crazy…R.I.P. Trayvon!


Fetty Wap visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood recently and discussed his performance with Taylor Swift and a project that he is working on with Drake.

Big Boy and his crew welcomed Fetty to their Real 92.3 studio to discuss his recent success and where he plans on going after the success of “Trap Queen”.

About Taylor Swift:
“The whole time, we weren’t even talking about music. We were just talking about regular life. She was just giving me information on day to day things. How I should base myself higher, the further I get as an artist.”

He also said that he and Drake have “some big plans” in the works. Also, he tells the story of how people told him that he should sell “Trap Queen” to someone else.


The NWA biopic hits theaters this Friday and the group who come Straight Outta Compton have been making their rounds at various press outlets. They have covered several music magazines over the last few weeks including Billboard and Rolling Stone. Billboard took things a few steps further by letting Kendrick Lamar interview the members of N.W.A.

What was the hardest part when you were young and first coming to grips with the game?

DJ Yella: Publishing! We didn’t know anything about publishing. The first go-around we didn’t make a nickel.

Dr. Dre: We were just a bunch of creative guys who got together and did something amazing but were clueless about business.

Ice Cube: Business is the most f—ed-up part. It’s always awkward. It’s fun to make records, fun to be in the studio with your homies, fun to get up onstage. But the business part sucks. It’s always some shit you ready to get rid of so you can go back to being creative.

Dr. Dre: It’s all about getting back in that studio. The studio is like a drug. It’s hard for some people around me to understand that the music is all I think about. It’s like I’m possessed.

Dr. Dre: You can’t explain that feeling. It’s an obsession. But it’s what makes you real.

Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton: A Soundtrack’ Lives Up to Its Cinematic Aspirations: Album Review

As one of your offspring, anything I do comes from what y’all have done before me. I’m curious to know how you feel about my generation of artists.

MC Ren: I like a few. I like you.

Dr. Dre: You’re No. 1 on my list because of the care and attention you bring to your tracks and the precision you bring to your sound. There are a few people out there I listen to and respect.

MC Ren: Pusha T.

Dr. Dre: Definitely Pusha T.

MC Ren: I’m not saying this because you’re here, Kendrick, but I like your song “Cut You Off.” I’ve been listening to you for a minute.

Check out the interview below.


Just in time for Throwback Thursday word on the street is that Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment production company is developing a new show based on the classic 90’s sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’

The show will apparently “put a new spin on the fish-out-of-water tale while maintaining the spirit of the original series.”

The show is in the very early development stages, but Will and Jada are expected to start shopping it around very soon.

Will you watch it?

Watch Empire Season 2 (Trailer)


Watch This New Empire Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Empire will be here before you know it! The hit TV show is scheduled to return to Fox on September 23rd with more drama and more appearances from some A-List celebrities.

You can expect to see Mariah Carey, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, and Lenny Kravitz this season, while Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Trai Byers, Jussie Smollett, and Bryshere Gray all return to their original rolls.

A new extended trailer for the show was released today. Check it out here.

Janay Rice, wife of NFL running back Ray Rice is speaking out in defense of her husband Ray Rice in an attempt to help the one time superstar get his job back. She spoke to ESPN’s Jamelle Hill about how she feels when people address her husband as a woman beater. Janay said “I get angry about it because it’s the furthest things from the truth”.

Ray Rice was dismissed from the Baltimore Ravens after a video of him attacking Janay in an elevator was released to the public.

Last year Rice won an appeal to begin playing in the league again, but has not been picked up by another team yet.

Even though the video footage from the elevator showed Rice punching and savagely beating Janay she insists that he is not a wife beater because it was a one time incident. “It has never happened before, and that’s not him,” said Janay. “He’s been made out to be this monster, and he’s not a wife beater. He’s someone who made a mistake. He’s human.”

Janay also made it clear that she is not with Ray solely for his money.

“That’s the biggest misconception. A lot of people assume that I’m with Ray for what he can do for me. But anybody who knows me knows that I don’t need Ray. I’m with him because I love him, and he just happens to be a football player.”

The Game Is Being Sued For Sexual Assault

The Game’s new TV show “She’s Got Game” may be a hit when it airs on VH1 in a few days, but the rapper has just been hit with a sexual assault lawsuit from one of the show’s contestants.

TMZ says that cast member Priscilla Rainey experienced some unwanted sexual advances from the Compton MC while the reality show was filming back in May. The $10 Million lawsuit states that The Game was “out of control” and heavily intoxicated during an incident at a sports bar. Rainey claims that The Game used force to put his hand in her dress.

The Game has not commented on these allegations, but we will see what VH1 decides to do with the show now that this matter has hit the headlines.

Ciara and Russell Wilson had the internet in a total frenzy over the weekend. The 26-year-old singer was spotted kicking it with her boo during training camp along with her 1-year-old son Future Zahir.

Many folks on social media shared their opinion about Ciara bringing her child around a man who she apparently hasn’t known for very long. Some folks seemed to think it was okay, and some people (including Future) were upset with Ci-Ci’s decision.

Apparently, Future got wind of the pictures and decided to let the Tweets fly….

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